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The causes of the diabetic problems and the role of the diabetes destroyer - 10 Jun 2016 19:58


When the immune system of the body is attacked and the cells of the body are destroyed and they stop making the insulin and your body is not in a position to make the insulin then the person suffers from this type 2 diabetes dieses.

The main causes are not been discovered yet, but different people have different opinions for example some people say that this is genetic. But the reason scientifically finds is that a gland is present in a human body beneath and at the back of the stomach called the ‘Pancreas’.

Function of pancreas;

The function of pancreas is that it secrets the insulin into the bloodstream, then that insulin is distributed, spread or scattered all around and it helps to enable the sugar so that it can enters the cells of the human body, then that insulin helps in lowering the amount of sugar in your bloodstream, an as the sugar level in your body is dropped and is equaled then the pancreas also stops it functions.

The function of the glucose;

Glucose; glucose is known as the sugar subsequent of the body and it is the foundation or the basis of the energy for the body cells that make up the cells and the other tissues.

Glucose in the human body comes from the two major sources that are the liver and your food intake.

The sugar is absorbed in the bloodstreams and there it enters the cells by taking the aid from insulin then your liver stores it and then it makes the glucose out of it and this storage helps the body when you haven’t taken the food and your glucose level becomes low, so the storage breaks down and makes the body glucose normal.

The diabetes destroyer;-

As we know that it is a 3 steps program that will help you get rid of type 2 diabetes for the rest of the life,


It provides healthy food and you don’t have to worry about side effects.

The diabetes destroyer helps in increasing the immune system.


It really doesn’t have any big side effect, the only drawback concluded can be that the diabetes destroyer program does not have the hard copy, means the hard copy isn’t available so for following this program you should have computers & tablets. - Comments: 0

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